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Here’s How You Can Charge $500,000 for Your Services



October 14, 2020 6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Have you ever wondered how to charge $50,000, $250,000, $500,000, or more for a professional service or product?

How do you influence and persuade someone in 1-2 conversations instead of 9-27 points of contact? What kind of scripts or systems need to be in place to close and enroll a perfect-fit client? What kind of questions do you need to ask for people to raise their hands and say, “Yes! I’m in!”

Over the last 30 years, I’ve sold over $60 million worth of products and services online and face to face. I’m completely obsessed with the idea of creating the shortest sales message possible so a perfect fit prospect shows up to your business, website, phone call, or Zoom meeting and says, “I already know I want to work with you, how do we start? I’ve been looking for someone just like you!”

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I’ve been able to consistently create systems that work for myself and clients that reduce the conversations to 1-3 conversations max. Best of all, it doesn’t feel “salesy” or manipulative to the prospect or you.

And once you have your marketing and sales message figured out, the next step is to build a replicable and scalable system with automation to do the tedious, repetitive work.

This article and companion video will give you actionable “what’s working now” strategies, tactics, tips and secrets that I use all the time with my clients and their teams.

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Step One: Connect with Mobile, Give Massive Up Front Value

As soon as you connect with your prospect for a sales conversation (via phone, Skype, Zoom), get their mobile number. For example, I say “Hey, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to record our conversation today and give you the recording and transcript.” (I use Otter.ai which gives you real-time transcriptions.)

“Without exception, everyone I chat with experiences multiple breakthroughs and you won’t have to worry about taking lots of notes. Would that be helpful?” Everyone says yes. I’ll say, “In case we get disconnected, what’s your mobile number? When we’re done, I’ll text a link to the recording, transcript, and video and you’ll have my direct contact info. Providing value first is critical to this process. It’s simple and very effective.

Step Two: Sell the Transformation, Not a Transaction

No matter what business you think you’re in… you’re in the transformation, not transaction business. That mindset alone is the single most critical part about doing high ticket sales. 

Sell the outcome, benefit, result, and transformation. I help my clients craft premium offers that are three to twenty times higher than anything they’ve ever sold before.

That might sound impossible, but it isn’t. It’s all about positioning, packaging, crafting a great message, and adding stories, prestige, and mystique. No business or industry is unique. It requires you to adopt a different mindset, level of self-worth and self-value. You are going to attract exactly who you deserve based upon the words that come out of your mouth and taking on “the servant mindset.”

You aren’t delivering a product or service, you’re delivering a before, during, and after experience on a “Hero’s Journey”. Imagine a movie, starring your customer as a hero with you, your product, or service as the “guide”, leading them to defeat their enemies, retrieve a magical power, and live happily ever after.

It’s about turning your delivery into creating and capturing irrefutable proof of an experiential transformation. Every “transformation” becomes a testimonial that can be used to enroll more clients or customers.

Step Three: Sell a System, Not Time or “Stuff”

No matter what you’re delivering, it’s critical that you create a framework around it that embodies and transfers trust. I call this moment a “transfer of certainty” — when you have a blueprint or “step-by-step” system that serves as a guide towards success.

The four-step framework I use is called; Market, Model, Message, Medium.

Market: Who Do You Want to be Hero To? Who is your ideal client or customer?

Model: What is Your Offer? What is your business model?

Message: What is the story the prospect needs to hear in order to raise their hand and say, “yes, I’m in”? The perfect enrollment conversation or “pitch” engages the prospect in a movie, starring them as a hero with you or your product as a guide.

Medium: What channel are they receiving the message?

Will they read it? Listen? Watch? Whatever will capture the attention of your prospect, guide them through the journey in a way that will influence and persuade them to the sale.

For example, one of the ways I sell people into my service is I teach them my framework on a sales call. I openly describe what we’re doing so they experience a transformation or “aha moment” by going through the experience. They walk away with clarity, focus, a roadmap, and destination — essentially a movie, starring them as a hero, with me as a guide.

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When we’re done with our first conversation, I simply say, “Now that you know where you want to go and how we’re going to get there, my last question is, do you want me to help you?”

The answer is almost always yes.

I recently recorded a special podcast of the Capability Amplifier where I teach these techniques. It’s everything that I’ve learned about influence, persuasion, and enrolling high ticket clients over the last 30 years in 40 minutes, including how to go from a face-to-face business to being virtualized, digitized and de-materialized and how to scale it with your sales team. Watch the YouTube video here!

Learn more about Mike here: www.MikeKoenigs.com



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They offer $ 9,500 to search for memes for 15 days



Opera looks for people all over the world who surf the web and want to talk about the weird things they come across.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

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October 27, 2020 2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The Opera browser is looking for candidates who want to spend 15 days browsing the web and who want to talk about the strange things that they find and is offering up to 8 thousand euros (about $ 9,451 or 197 thousand Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate).

The Norwegian company published this curious job offer this week where it offers the position of “personal navigator” who will have to “navigate the farthest corners of the Web” for two weeks at the end of the year to “talk about the strange things with the that is found ”.

Image: Opera

“For this important role, we are looking for people who love silly memes, baby seal videos and conspiracy theories,” the ad reads.

The work can be done from anywhere in the world. Opera only asks for the following to apply:

  • Love the internet
  • Know how a web browser works
  • Have a computer and a stable internet connection
  • Talk fluid English
  • Being over 18 years

To apply, you only have to record yourself in a video of between 15 and 60 seconds counting your most important moment surfing the net. Upload the video to Facebook , Instagram , TikTok or YouTube with the hashtag #operapersonalbrowser, send the link and your social networks to personal-browser@opera.com before November 13 .

In addition to the pay, Opera will also help to publicize the person who accepts the position. Learn more about this curious job offer here .


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6 Tricks To Implement That Will Give Your Business Treats This Halloween



Make your company sweeter as we head into the holiday season with these tips.

Free Book Preview Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media marketing in businesses.

October 27, 2020 4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Every is well aware of how important Black Friday and Christmas time are for sales. With the recent increase in online sales, Halloween falls at the perfect time of year to try to work in some strategies to get your business on sure footing going into the holiday season. Even when your business doesn’t feed directly into the Halloween experience, you can still find many ways to take advantage of this time of year to help your business get ahead of the competition.

Here are six business tricks to help your business as we head into the holiday period.

Enjoy your work

Remember why you started your business initially. You enjoyed what you wanted to do and had a vision in place. It is important to know the difference between working hard and not enjoying yourself. Although you and your employees might not be physically in the workplace, having a positive work environment is necessary. 

Enjoying the work you do can:

  • Motivate: Enjoying the daily tasks required can provide a working environment where employees are encouraged. They will feel inspired and motivated to work harder. With more employees working from home, providing is even more crucial now.
  • Increase : There has been research that shows that workers are 13 percent more productive when happy. A higher level of productivity can lead directly to an increase in the number of sales. 

  • Retain staff: Keeping staff members who are positive and motivated is key to the success of any organization. Having employees around that are familiar with your company’s vision and working ethics is vital for every business. It can also build a competitive edge over your competitors. High employee turnover can increase expenses and have a negative effect on the morale of the company. 

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Create regular content for your website

Growing your business online is very important. Keeping your website updated with blogs and other content to keep your consumers engaged is key. You can write updates about current and upcoming products or share tips and tricks about the products. Posting on your website often is a great way to show the liveliness and visibility of your and to boost SEO. Everything posted on your site can be linked back to all , increasing website traffic. Additionally, your customers can share these posts to reach a greater

Put yourself out there

Holidays are also an ample opportunity to get PR coverage for your business. Halloween in particular is a great instance where you can take your typical marketing strategies and put a spooky spin on them. Media outlets are also constantly looking for angles and stories to share around this time of year, so take the time to do a PR campaign about your company, Halloween promotion or business accomplishments to make sure that the company is getting the attention it deserves.

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Focus on your niche

It is often cliche to state quality over quantity. However, when your business is growing this is something you should take into effect. Consumers want products and services that are high quality, and focusing on your market can help with this. It is important to remember that although you have a target, this is not necessarily your only market. Other opportunities will arise as your business grows. 

Great customer service

You could have the best product or service, but if you have bad customer service it means nothing. Creating high customer satisfaction is key to a successful business. Show your consumers that they are valued, and if they have any issues ensure that they are addressed quickly. With more businesses selling online, it is increasingly important that buyers feel wanted. After all, they provide a strong foundation for your business, because they’re your advocates who will help you convert future consumers. 

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Always innovate

Growth is great, but it can also cause complacency. There’s always room to improve. Strive to improve your products, services or business model. Although you might be a successful small business today, there are always competitors around to disturb you. Being innovative and keeping up with technology and trends will be key to the success of your business. 

Running an organization can be very complex, and to stay relevant it is important that you continue to redefine yourself and be ahead of your competition. Implementing these tricks outlined above will help your business bring in some treats for Halloween and beyond.


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Panoply raises $10M for its cloud data platform



Panoply, a platform that makes it easier for businesses to set up a data warehouse and analyze that data with standard SQL queries, today announced that it has raised an additional $10 million in funding from Ibex Investors and C5 Capital. This brings the total funding in the San Francisco- and Tel Aviv-based company to $24 million.

The company, which launched back in 2015, has mostly stuck to its original vision, which was always about democratizing access to data warehousing and the analytics capabilities that go hand-in-hand with that. Over the last few years, it also built more code-free data integrations into the platform that make it easier for businesses to pull in data from a wide variety of sources, including the likes of Salesforce, HubSpot, NetSuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Freshworks and others. It also integrates with other data warehousing services like Google’s BigQuery and Amazon’s Redshift and all of the major BI and analytics tools.

The company says it will use the new funding to expand its sales and marketing efforts.

“We aspire to make analysts’ lives simpler and more productive by making it easier for them to sync, store, and access their data, and this funding will go a long way toward that mission,” says CEO and co-founder Yaniv Leven in today’s announcement.

In some ways, Panoply was maybe just a bit early to the market. Today, though, there can be little doubt that we’re in a booming market for data warehousing and analytics services. There’s nary a business left, after all, that isn’t looking to gain more insights from the copious amounts of data they gather every single day now. That market is now more competitive than ever, too, with incumbents like Snowflake, Databricks and others (including all of the hyper clouds) all aiming for their slice of the market. Panoply and its investors clearly believe that the company’s all-in-one platform gives it a competitive edge, though.


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